Surface Preparation Before Paint Correction: Why It Matters

Prior to completing any service on your vehicle, it is imperative to complete a proper multi-step chemical decontamination process. This process removes contaminants that would cause damage to your vehicle’s paint during any service’s installation.

The Surface Prep Process

First, the vehicle needs to be sprayed with purified water to lubricate the surface of the vehicle. Then, the detailer will decide which products are best to use based on the amount of contaminants embedded within the clear coat. These products include iron fall out remover, wheel & tire cleaner, and foaming prep soap.

Once these products have been applied, the detailer will perform a meticulous handwashing, being careful that no contaminants get between the wash mitt and the surface of the vehicle. Once the multi-step chemical decontamination handwashing is complete, the detailer will then complete a synthetic clay bar exfoliating treatment. This process removes contaminants that are embedded within the clear coat of your vehicle that were not removed during the handwashing process.

While most people would think the surface prep process would end there, this is only the beginning. Next, you have to perform mechanical decontamination. Typically, this involves the use of a clay-like substance that peels off any remaining micro-contaminants that standard washes tend to miss.

You’ll then follow that up with an isopropyl alcohol wipe-down. This will remove any leftover soap residue and protective wax, leaving nothing but the exposed paint job. Finally, you’ll finish up by taping any rubber or plastic surfaces you don’t want to hit during the paint correction.

Why It’s Important

Surface preparation is so crucial because it ensures contaminants like dirt or sand do not come into contact with the clear coat of your vehicle, as they can cause swirling, scratching and even paint damage.

Skipping the necessary prep can cause severe damage, and the products being installed could have dirt or contaminants embedded. For instance, there could be dirt underneath the paint protection film that is visible with the naked eye. This is why it’s important to only trust the professionals and certified installers at AZ Auto Aesthetics. DIY jobs and shotty workmanship can completely ruin your vehicle’s paint, so it’s best to leave this service to the professionals.

Who Should Do It for You

Surface preparation needs a professional touch to ensure nothing goes awry during the paint correction process.

That means you need the best auto detailing in Mesa, AZ, and lucky for you, you’re already in the right place. Here at AZ Auto Aesthetics, we only hire the best for our team. We understand how important your car is to you, so we will do everything it takes to ensure that it looks like new again when we’re done with it.