Full-Service AUTO DETAIL IN Mesa, Arizona

From paint enhancement to extravagant restyling, AZ Auto Aesthetics is a market leader in machine polishing (paint correction), ceramic paint coatings, paint and glass protection films, ceramic window tint, and other high-end auto detailing services in Mesa, AZ. In fact, it’s in our motto; “Correction, Protection, Reflection”. We are founded by automotive industry professionals and enthusiasts alike. Our seasoned team of Detail Technicians and Film Installers have 5 to 20years experience each. Our accreditations include: XPEL PPF & Tint, STEK PPF & “Dyno” fashion film, Feynlab Tier 1 (highest rated) regional leaders by volume, and Griot’s Garage approved. Our services are designed to compliment anything your vehicle may need today and in the future. From city roads to racing circuits, and highways to hiking trails – we have you covered! You won’t find a more reliable team of auto detailing professionals in all of Arizona.

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Our Services

XPEL Paint Protection Film (Clear Bra)
Feynlab Ceramic Coatings
window tint services
XPEL Ceramic Window Tint
Paint Correction (Buffing & Polishing)

Colored PPF & Vinyl Wrap
wheel and brake caliper ceramic coating, paint and powder coat.
Wheel Powder Coating & Caliper Paint

Our high-end auto detailing services are built around our mission statement – “Correction, Protection, Reflection”. Our detail technicians have decades of combined experience which comes with a vast familiarity of various OEM paint systems. From gloss enhancement, to cutting through hard water etchings and brush scratches, we have the team and the tools to correct your vehicle back to it’s true color. We also carry the only active Tier #1 license for Feynlab USA Ceramic Coatings in the state of Arizona. Protection film services include product offerings from XPEL and STEK (USA) for both traditional “clear bra” and satin-clear paint protection film. As well as colored protection films known as “fashion PPF”. This department also boasts 4 very capable and certified installers that can apply both essential coverage and full body PPF packages. XPEL “Prime XR” series window film is also offered by our tenured tint department for maximum cabin cooling and interior protection. Other services for restyling your vehicle include vinyl wrap, panel repaint, wheel powder coating, brake caliper painting and more.

Service Pricing & Details


  • TWO-STEP Chemical Decontamination Wash

  • Synthetic Clay BAR Exfoliating Treatment

  • Full Body Multi Stage Machine Polish

  • Removes Surface Defects

  • Eliminates Swirls

  • Enhances Gloss & Shine

  • Reduces Car Wash Abuse

  • Removes Light Scratches
  • ~4mo. Paint Sealant Included


  • XPEL Ultimate Plus 8mil-10Mil PAINT PROTECTION Film (clear Finish)

  • XPEL Stealth Paint Protection FIlm (Stain/Matte Finish)

  • Stek Fashion Paint Protection Film (Colored Finishes)

  • Prevents Scratches & Swirling

  • Prevents Rock Chips & Debris DAMAGE

  • Provides protection from UV rays, hard Water & Harsh Chemicals

  • Machine Cut to Fit
  • 10yr Film Warranty
  • Windshield, interior, and exterior Applications


  • Feynlab Ceramic Coatings

  • Highest Tier Accredited Installers

  • 3 to 7yr Coating Warranty Available

  • Paint Correction Treatment Included for proper adhesion

  • Hydrophobic properties for ease of cleaning

  • Seals Factory Clear Coat

  • Ultimate UV Ray Protection

  • Eliminates need to wax or polish vehicle

  • Protective Barrier for Bug Guts, Bird Drops, Hard Water & Chemical Stains

  • Intense Gloss Enhancement

  • Coatings for Every Surface Available


  • SHADE RANGES FROM 70% – 5%.
  • protect interior & electronics from extreme arIZONA heat.
  • Machine Cut to EXACT Fit




 (480) 241-9324

Workshop Tour

Our purpose built facility is meticulously designed to create an environment where every vehicle can be properly inspected and the services we perform can be completed to absolute perfection. From climate control and air purification, 250K+ lumen lighting, and highly purified water sources – no expense was spared. Come in and take a tour of our shop, you will quickly see that our passion for what we do runs deep.

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Meet Our Team

AZ Auto Aesthetics owners, Brenan and Josh, strive for perfection with each and every vehicle they come across. Using state of the art technology, a love for cars, and a commitment to providing immaculate results, they have strong contacts with trusted partners and recommend only personally tested and proven products to use on your vehicle. They are backed by a tightly knit and hand selected team with years of experience from all corners of the industry.

Our Mission

AZ Auto Aesthetics owners Brenan and Josh


With February’s Track Day all wrapped up, Thank you to everyone who made it a phenomenal Day! 

Another big thanks to @chiefmcgov and his team for doing a phenomenal job at making everyone a faster, safer, and smarter driver out on the Track!

We look forward to doing the same in March. Our next track day @arizonamotorsportspark will be March 23rd. (Sign up Link will be posted on our Story!)

We hope to see you there!
☀️It’s never a bad day when the @porsche God’s Bless our eyes with a GT3 RS☀️

This 🦎Lizard Green GT3 RS🦎came in for our Track-Pack Coverage Option of @xpel Ultimate Plus Paint Protection Film. 

With Track Season in full-swing here in Arizona, we love seeing Customer’s Cars Protected while on Track!

🏁Keep and eye out this weekend to see our customer’s vehicles on Track at @arizonamotorsportspark🏁

📞📲Call or DM us today to book your vehicle for our Paint Protection Services!📞📲
👹This Demon 170 is now Protected by our Full-Body Coverage Option of @xpel Paint Protection Film!👹 

With 1,025 HP and Limited to just 3300 units, this Demon 170 is special to say the least! 

Do you have a special car and want the best protection? 

📞📲Give us a call or shoot us a DM!📞📲
🛡️✨Looking to upgrade your vehicle’s looks while adding protection? ✨🛡️

We’ve got @stek.usa Paint Protection Film to do just that. 

This Tesla Model 3 underwent a Full-Body Coverage of @stek.usa Black Paint Protection Film. This Film has the aesthetic that Black Vinyl Wrap provides, but with the added Protection that PPF grants. 

📞📲Call or DM us today to get a quote for Full-Body PPF coverage on your vehicle!📞📲
🐝This Audi RS4 looks absolutely Stunning after a Paint Correction and Ceramic Coating!🐝

This RS4 underwent our 2-Stage Paint Correction. This process reduces Surface-Level Defects by ~80% and enhances Gloss by 200%, granting this Audi’s Paint to look fresh off the Showroom Floor! 
Following the Paint Correction, our Team applied @feynlab Ceramic Ultra V2 to this RS4 to protect the Paint from UV-Rays, Hard Water Spots, and other Environmental Hazards! 

Have a Vehicle with swirl marks and scratches?

📞📲Call or DM us today to book your Paint Correction and Ceramic Coating appointment today!📞📲
🌲We are loving the color on this 2023 Rivian R1S🌲

This 2023 Rivian R1S came in for our Full-Body Coverage of @xpel Stealth Paint Protection Film. This Film gives any color a Matte Finish with the Benefits of Paint Protection Film. 

The owner also opted for a Chrome Delete, 7-Window + Windshield Tint, and a Ceramic Top-Coat!

Like what you see?

📞📲 Call or DM us today to book your Vehicle for any of the above Services!📞📲

What are your thoughts?
🌲This Rivian R1S is in the Process of receiving our Full-Body Coverage Option of @xpel Stealth.🌲 

This Film gives any Paint Color a Satin/Matte Finish. This is a Great Option for anyone looking for some Style with Added Protection! 

📞📲Call or DM us Today to book your Partial-Front, Full-Front, or Full-Body Paint Protection Film Appointment!📞📲
👻This 2012 @rollsroycecars Ghost came in for our Full-Front Coverage of @xpel Ultimate Plus Paint Protection Film.👻

This Film protects against Scratches, Rock-Chips, and other Road Debris to ensure your Paint is unharmed while on Arizona’s Nasty Freeways!

📞📲Call or DM us to book your Paint Protection Film appointment Today!📞📲
🏁This 2022 C8 Corvette came in for Full-Fender Coverage & Door Coverage of @xpel Ultimate Plus Paint Protection Film and our 3-Window + Windshield Tint using @xpel XR Prime Plus Ceramic Window Tint! 🏁

📞📲Looking for to get Paint Protection Done? Call or DM us to Stop By and Tour the Shop  or Schedule your Appointment today! 📞📲
⚡️Fully Charged and Freshly Protected, this Model S is ready to Roll!⚡️

This Model S underwent our Full-Front Coverage of @xpel Ultimate Plus, our Correction and Coating using @feynlab Ceramic Ultra V2, and 5-Window + Windshield Tint using @xpel XR Prime!

📞📲Looking to Protect your Vehicle? Call or DM our team to set up your appointment Today!📞📲
☀️This Gladiator is now Protected from the Sun!☀️ 

This Gladiator underwent our Correction and Coating using @feynlab Ceramic Ultra. This service provides Protection against UV-Rays, Hard Water Spots, Bird Droppings, and Tree Sap. 

The owner also opted for our 5-Window + Windshield Tint using @xpel XR Prime to reject 88% of Heat and 99% of UV-Rays! 

📞📲Call or DM us today to book your Correction and Coating Appointment!📞📲
🏁This Tesla Model S is now Track Ready!🏁

This Model S underwent our Track-Pack Protection Coverage using @xpel Ultimate Plus. This Coverage Option ensures Protection where you need it most. Featuring our Full-Front Coverage, A-Pillar and Roofline Coverage, and Rocker Panel Coverage. 

The owner also opted for our Paint Correction and Coating using @feynlab Ceramic Ultra V2 and our 5-Window + Windshield Tint using @xpel XR Prime. 

📞📲Have a Car that sees Track Time frequently? Call or DM us to book your Track-Pack Paint Protection Film Appointment today!📞📲
🛠️This 2024 Sierra 2500HD is now ready to put in some work!🛠️

This Sierra underwent our Track-Pack Coverage Option of @xpel Ultimate Plus, a Correction and Ceramic Coating using @feynlab Ceramic Ultra V2, 5-Window Tint + Windshield Tint using @xpel XR Prime, and a Ceramic Top-Coat to wrap this Sierra up! 

📞📲Call or DM us today to book your vehicle for our Protection Services!📞📲
🛡️This 2023 Bronco is now Protected!🛡️

This Bronco underwent our Full-Front Coverage of @xpel Ultimate Plus Paint Protection Film. This Film comes with a 10-Year Warranty and ensures your vehicle is protected where it needs it most. 

Our Full-Front Coverage Option covers the Full Bumper, Full Hood, Full Fenders, Mirrors, Fog Lights, and Headlights! 

📞📲Call or DM us today to book your Paint Protection Appointment📞📲
🛣️This 2024 Toyota Camry is now ready to hit the Open Road! 🛣️

This Camry stopped by for our Full-Front Coverage Option of @xpel Ultimate Plus Paint Protection Film, a Paint Correction + @feynlab Ceramic Ultra V2 Coating, and our 5-Window + Windshield Install of @xpel XR Prime Ceramic Window Tint! 

📞📲 Call or DM us today to book your Paint Protection Film, Paint Correction + Coating, and Window Tinting Appointment!📞📲
🛤️🛣️This Porsche Cayenne is now ready for Adventure!🛣️🛤️

This Cayenne underwent our Full-Front Coverage of @xpel Ultimate Plus Paint Protection Film. This Film covers all Front- Facing Painted Surfaces to ensure Ultimate Protection! The owner also opted for our Paint Correction and Ceramic Coating. Using @feynlab Ceramic Ultra V2, our team made this Cayenne Shine Better than New! This Coating grants Water-Repellence, UV-Ray Protection, and Protection against other Hazardous Elements (Hard Water, Bird Droppings, Tree Sap)!

📞📲Call or DM us to get your Vehicle Protected, Corrected, and Coated!📞📲
🛡️This 2024 Mazda CX-90 is now protected and glistening more than ever!🛡️

This CX-90 underwent our Paint Correction and Ceramic Coating using @feynlab Ceramic Ultra V2. Our Paint Correction rids the vehicle of Marring, Surface Level Defects, and Manufacture Defects. When followed by Feynlab’s Ceramic Ultra V2, the vehicle gains protection against UV-Rays, Bird Droppings, and other Elemental Hazards. 

📞📲Protect your vehicle today! Call or DM us to schedule your appointment!📞📲
🐍This 1965 Shelby Cobra is now Protected!🐍

This Cobra underwent our Partial-Front Coverage of @xpel Ultimate Plus Paint Protection Film. The owner also opted to add on Full-Fender Coverage and Full-Door Coverage to ensure this Cobra’s paint stays Rock-Chip and Scratch Free! 

📞📲Call or DM us Today for all your Paint Protection Film needs! 📞📲
🛡️This M440i is now Protected!🛡️

🇩🇪This M440i underwent our Full-Front Coverage Option of @xpel Ultimate Plus Paint Protection Film. This Film is warrantied for 10-Years and covers the Full-Hood, Full-Fenders, Full Bumper, Mirror Caps, and Headlights/Fog lights. 
The owner also opted for A-Pillar/Roofline Protection as well as Door Cup & Door Edge Guard PPF.  This 440i is now ready to be unleashed! 🇩🇪

📞📲If you have any questions or are ready to book, Call or DM us today!📞📲
⚡️Stealth, but Electrified⚡️

✔️This Model Y underwent our Full-body Coverage of @xpel Stealth Paint Protection Film. This Film covers All Painted Surfaces of the vehicle. Translucent in color with an added layer of Satin, this film turns any Paint Color into a Satin/Matte while adding protection to your vehicle. ✔️

📞📲Looking to change your Ride’s Appearance? Call or DM us today to book your ride for our Full-Body Stealth Services!📞📲
🎡This 2024 Kia Carnival looks better than ever with an added layer of Protection!🎡

This Kia underwent our Paint Correction to rid the paint of marring, Manufacture Defects, and any pre-delivery Scratches. After the Paint Correction, this Carnival then saw an application of @feynlab Ceramic Ultra V2. This coating repels water and protects from Bird Droppings, UV-Rays, and Hard Water Spots. The owner also opted for our Window Coating and a Tinted Visor Strip for the Windshield! 

📞📲Ready to make washing your car easier and less frequent? Call or DM us today to book your Paint Correction and Ceramic Coating Appointment!📞📲
🏁This C8 is now Ready to hit the Track!🏁

This 2024 C8 underwent our Track-Pack Coverage Option of @xpel Ultimate Plus Paint Protection Film. This Coverage Option offers Full-Front Coverage, Rocker-Panel Coverage, and A-Pillar + Roofline Coverage. This C8 also underwent our Paint Correction + @feynlab Ceramic Coating and our Windshield Skin Protection Film! 

📞📲Have a Car you plan on Tracking? Call or DM us today to book your Track-Pack PPF appointment today and Hit the Track with Peace of Mind!📞📲

🐎This 2023 Ford Bronco Raptor underwent our Full-Body Coverage of @xpel Stealth Paint Protection Film. This film is translucent in color with an added Satin Layer to give any paint color a Satin/Matte Finish. Alongside the Stealth Application, this Bronco also underwent a Ceramic Top-Coat giving this Beast water-repellent properties as well as protection from UV-Rays, Hard Water, and Bird Droppings!🐎

📞📲Call or DM us to book your Paint Protection Film appointment Today!📞📲
🇯🇵This 2024 CX-90 is now Protected!🇯🇵

This CX-90 underwent our Partial-Front Coverage Option of @xpel Ultimate Plus Paint Protection Film. This Film is backed by a 10-Year Warranty and offers protection in the most commonly abused places. 

📞📲Call or DM us today to book your vehicle for our Partial-Front, Full-Front, or Full-Body PPF services!📞📲
🇧🇷This 2024 BMW M4 in São Paulo Yellow looks stunning!🇧🇷

Our team completed a Paint Correction and Ceramic Coating on this M4. After the Paint Correction is complete, we use @feynlab Ceramic Ultra V2 to seal the paint up, protecting it from Bird Droppings, Hard Water Spots, and UV-Rays. This Process removes factory defects, surface level defects, and marring to ensure the paint looks its absolute best. All while enhancing gloss by ~100%!

📞📲Call or DM us today to book your vehicle for our Paint Correction and Ceramic Coating Services! 📞📲
🐏This 2023 Ram is now Corrected, Coated, and Protected!🐏

Our team completed a Paint Correction and Ceramic Coating using @feynlab Ceramic Ultra V2. Followed by our Partial-Front Coverage of @xpel Ultimate Plus Paint Protection Film. This Ram is now ready to take on the Open Road! 

📞📲Call or DM us to schedule your Correction, Ceramic Coating, and Paint Protection Appointment Today!📞📲
🍒This C8 Z06 is ready for take off!🍒

This Z06 is now protected by our Track Pack Coverage of @xpel Ultimate Plus Paint Protection Film. 

This Option covers the Hood,Fenders, Bumper, Fog Lights, Mirror Caps, Headlights, A-Pillars, Roofline, and Rocker Panels ensuring that your vehicle is protected in the most abused places while on track! 🏎️🏁

📞📲Call or DM us today to book your Track-Pack Appointment to ensure your Paint’s Safety while on Track! 📞📲
⚡️This Tesla Model X came out Electrifying!⚡️

This Model X underwent our Full-Body Coverage of @xpel Stealth Paint Protection Film, A Ceramic Top Coat, and our 7-Window + Windshield Tint using @xpel XR Prime. 

📞📲Call or DM us today to book your Full-Body Coverage appointment!📞📲
🎄🎅🏻🛷Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! -from our family to yours🛷🎅🏻🎄
🏁This 2024 BMW X1 M came in for the Works!🏁

•Full-Body Coverage Option of @xpel Ultimate Plus Paint Protection Film
•Windshield Skin Protection Film
•7-Window + Windshield Tint using @xpel XR Prime
•Ceramic Top Coating
•Ceramic Glass Coating

📞📲Call or DM us today to book your vehicle for all of your Vehicle Protection needs!📞📲
🇬🇧This 2019 McLaren 720S stopped by for a Full-Front Coverage install of @xpel Ultimate Plus Paint Protection Film and a Paint Correction + Ceramic Coating using @feynlab Ceramic Ultra V2. 🇬🇧

📞📲Call or DM us today for all of your Paint Correction, Ceramic Coating, and Paint Protection Film needs!📞📲
Stealth #bmwm2 back for HRE wheel ceramic coating and PPF custom application to Al carbon bits
🏁This 2024 BMW X5 came in for the Arizona Essentials!🏁

This X5 is now protected against Rock-Chips by our Full-Front Install of @xpel Ultimate Plus Paint Protection Film 
Furthermore, this X5 is Protected by a @feynlab Ceramic Ultra Coating to ensure this paint is protected from the Sun, Bird Droppings, and Hard Water Spots! 
To wrap it up, this X5 was then Tinted using @xpel XR Prime in our 7-Window + Windshield Coverage to ensure a Cool Cabin! 

📞📲Call or DM us today to book your vehicle for our Most Popular Protection Services!📞📲
🏁🇩🇪This 2023 BMW M4 Competition came in for all the necessities!🇩🇪🏁

This M4 Comp now features: 
•Our Full-Body Coverage Option of @xpel Ultimate Plus PPF
•A Ceramic Top Coat
•@xpel XR Prime 5-Window + Windshield Tint
•Windshield Skin Protection Film
and a Wheels-Off @feynlab Ceramic Coating! 

📞📲Call or DM us today to set up an appointment for all of your Protection needs! 📞📲
🐍This 2014 Dodge Viper is now looking sleeker than ever🐍

This Viper is now complete with our 3-Window Tint Coverage & a Paint Correction + Ceramic Coating. 
Using @xpel XR Prime Ceramic Window Tint, we are able to block 88% of Heat and 99% of UV Rays. 
After the Paint Correction is complete we seal it up with @feynlab Ceramic Ultra V2 resulting in an ~80% defect removal and ~200% gloss enhancement! 

📞📲Call or DM us today to get your vehicle schedule for our Tint & Paint Correction Services! 📞📲
🇬🇧This 2020 Aston Martin Vantage is looking stunning!🇬🇧

This vantage came in for our Track-Pack Coverage Option of @xpel Ultimate Plus Paint Protection Film giving coverage where it’s needed most, both on and off track! 

This Vantage also underwent our 3-Window installation of @xpel XR Prime Plus Ceramic Window Tint and our Windshield Skin Protection Film! 

📞📲Call or DM us today to book your vehicle for our Protection, Correction, and Coating Services! 📞📲
🍁This 2024 BMW M4 in Toronto Red is now ready to hit the Road!🍁

This M4 stopped by for a Paint Correction and Ceramic Coating using @feynlab Ceramic Ultra, our Full-Front Coverage Option of @xpel Ultimate Plus Paint Protection Film, and a Full-Roof Coverage using the same Film. 

This film is Warrantied for 10-Years and is sure to keep this M4 looking its best!

📞📲Call or DM us today to get your vehicle Protected!📞📲
🐂🇮🇹This 2022 Urus is now glossier than ever! 🇮🇹🐂

This Urus stopped by the shop for a Paint Correction and Ceramic Coating using @feynlab Ceramic Ultra and our Full-Front Coverage Option of @xpel Ultimate Plus Paint Protection Film. 

This Combination of Services allows for the utmost Shine & Gloss while providing Protection where it’s needed most! 

📞📲Call or DM us today for all of your Paint Correction, Ceramic Coating, and Paint Protection Film Needs! 📞📲
🕷️⚡️This Tesla Model S is now protected and looking fresh! ⚡️🕷️

This Model S underwent our Full-Body Coverage Option of @xpel Stealth Paint Protection Film and a 5-Window + Windshield Tint using @xpel XR Prime. 

This Combination not only looks phenomenal, but also protects this Model S’ Painted surfaces from Rock Chips, Scratches, and other Road debris. This Film is backed by a 10-Year Warranty and serves as your perfect Safe-Guard against Arizona’s Rock Riddled Roadways! 

📞📲Call or DM us today to book your Paint Protection Appointment! 📞📲
🌊This 2024 Fisker Ocean came in for a brand new look with added protection!🌊

This Fisker is now rocking our Full-Body Coverage of @xpel Stealth Paint Protection Film. This film adds a Matte finish to any paint to change up the look of your vehicle while also covering all of your vehicles painted surfaces to ensure maximum protection! This film also comes with a 10-year warranty. 

📞📲Call or DM us today to learn more about our PPF Options and book your appointment! 📞📲


Based on 435 Reviews
February 23, 2024

I ended up having the full front, including full hood, A-pillars and roof line of my 2024 Ram Longhorn Limited covered with XPL then Ceramic (5 year) application on the whole truck. This was not cheap but less than other bids I received. I trust this investment will significantly protect my truck long term. I'm compelled to offer feedback on the people. The owner personally replied to my Sunday afternoon online bid request. At first I suspected it was a computer generated reply. But when I messaged back, the conversation continued and my appointment was scheduled— and quickly. The manager... First off, how cool is it have a name like Garrison!?! And the brother has the appearance and presence to back up that moniker. He's smart, confident and represents his products seriously. You know— the kind of dude, dudes like to deal with. But a lot of guys his age would come off as arrogant or condescending. Not this one. I would be totally comfortable sending my wife to the facility, knowing she would be respected and treated with consideration. I would much rather build relationships with people when doing business or hiring services, rather than shopping for lowest price. I have 2 other vehicles to protect and I'm definitely coming back to AZ Auto Aesthetics. Brenan, Garrison and the techs/installers I saw focused intently on each client's vehicle is the reason 😎

Connor Mullett
February 11, 2024

Great work loved what they did and they did it fast will be bring my other cars here for sure!

Thomas Edwards
February 10, 2024

This was one of the best things I’ve done for my truck could not have made a better choice the people were very attentive to my needs and they were awesome I’m not done working with them in the future

February 10, 2024

Truly a great experience! Excellent communications and request for quotes. Thorough explanation of services and exceptional workmanship! Highly recommend!!!

Jason Nitz (Hurley)
February 10, 2024

I had these guys install stripes on my C6 Corvette and they did a stellar job. I highly recommend for anything you need for your car.

Alexa Brough
February 6, 2024

Got a partial PPF done- looks great!! Everyone there was helpful! Definitely recommend

Gary Emmett
February 3, 2024

I had my Toyota Tacoma ceramic coated. Now the tree sap doesn't stick and washes off easily

February 1, 2024

Reached out via their website for a quote and in less than an hour a team member reached out and provided a quote for the work I needed done. Went that day to their facility and was given a tour and they were able to confirm that the scratch on my PPF did not go beyond the film. Scheduled an appointment and dropped my vehicle off at around 8 am and it was ready to pickup around 4:30 pm. From beginning to end the staff was welcoming and the work was completed in a timely fashion. I plan to come back to get some other things done to my vehicle but I highly recommend them. They also provide mobile details and while I personally have not scheduled that service my sister has had them detail her cars several times and they have always done a phenomenal job.

Roy Huerta
January 18, 2024

Experience and professionalism were top notch explained all details and they did an amazing job their ceramic coating came at excellent would highly recommend this detail shop thank you guy's

December 29, 2023

Once again these guys were amazing. The clear bra and window tint looks amazing. The guys stayed late to get the job done. I’ve been getting my cars done at AZ Auto Esthetics and I’ve never been happier. For all your window tint, clear bra, and detailing needs your first choice should always be the guys at AZ Auto Esthetics!

Steven Broner
December 22, 2023

Outstanding customer service, highly recommend

Joseph Resto
December 21, 2023

5 star all the way !!! i have had many cars done other shops and the work was always sub par.. not these guys, the best I have used so far ..2 BMWs done .. Thanks guys !

Jenna Hellman
December 20, 2023

Great service!!! Fast and easy. They made my truck look amazing. Price was great service was even better. FYI if you’re thinking about ppf or ceramic do yourself a favor and do it at one time. It’s cheaper and it’s better to do it together. I didn’t so now I’m going back. Kudos guys great job

Tom Murray
December 19, 2023

These guys are great. Very meticulous and professional. If you love your vehicle, then take it to them for protective coverings that keep your car looking new. Their shop is very nice and clean. I'm sure I'll take another car there at some point. Highly recommend.

Gene Nusbaum
December 15, 2023

Professional, easy scheduling, presented all potential options. Will do future work here.

Michael Hammett
December 13, 2023

Outstanding work, amazing attention to detail, and awesome staff! Had partial front PPF done on both of my cars. Looks absolutely perfect. Was warned the 10mil (they only use 10mil vs 8mil) would look obvious from other shops I got quotes from, it definitely does not, and I’m glad to have to extra protection for the same price. Came back a few months later for window tint, it is also absolutely perfect. Can’t say enough good things about them.

Page Nicol
December 12, 2023

Awesome service, awesome price, first class business. Really a great experience.

Brian Andersen
December 5, 2023

Customer service I received from Morgan and the crew. Was top shelf. I am extremely happy with the job they did on my 2022 f350, and will return again in March for additional work I want done. I highly recommend AZ auto anesthetics. Thanks so much. Brian

Ayesha Boyce
December 3, 2023

So so pleased with this company!! They applied a PPF. I drove over an hour to have them complete this service because when I asked for a quote they took the time to explain everything to me, had some of the best prices in the valley, and already had a great reputation and reviews. It was worth the drive and I am sure I will utilize their services again!

Peter Angelopoulos
November 21, 2023

I originally had my car tinted by the team at AZ Auto Aesthetics back in April and was very happy with the work. I recently had some damage done to my car, which required fixing tint on two of the windows, so I brought it back to AZ Auto Aesthetics this week to make sure everything matched and came out great. They once again did an amazing job and I'll be coming back to them for any future tint or wrapping needs.

Matthew Brandon
November 19, 2023

Had the bedsides and tailgate wrapped in Xpel to prevent scratches of loading/unloading. The quote was competitive with other shops. I was told it would take a day and half to do and it was done in less than 1 business day. The team even sent pictures of the work in progress. Had a great experience and the quality of work is top notch! Thank you AZ Auto Aesthetics.

Jeff Akey
November 19, 2023

Fast, Quality service.AAA+++

CrossFit Rave
November 16, 2023

They took me on time, finished by the time they communicated and it was reasonably priced. I would recommend them.

Jeremy Decker
November 12, 2023

AZ Auto Aesthetics was quick to answer my questions and took the time to explain the answers to me. They were ready for me at my appointment time and beat their own time to completion estimate which was a plus. The SUV looks better than I could have hoped so I am extremely happy I used them for this work of Full front PPF and full vehicle Ceramic coating.

Michael Hafkey
November 8, 2023

Best price on 10 mm XPEL PPF on full front to protect from rocks and bugs. Black PPF on side rocker panels. Great job, 1-2 days.

Mark Themer
November 6, 2023

2018 Silverado High Country looks brand new!!! Great job I recommend their work and professionalim

October 29, 2023

Update: Rudy/Garrison and the Az Auto Team went over and beyond making up the mishap that happened last weekend. The attention to detail on my truck is CRAZY and I'm extremely impressed w/the job. I took some pics but looks way better in person. Thanks again Rudy and Az Auto Team.

Janice Helzer
October 21, 2023

First of all let me start by rating the customer service. I contacted AZAA for PPF for my new Lexus. Garrison sent me an email quoting with what I was looking for. This wasn't my first quote as I always reach out to multiple companies. I asked a few questions and he quickly responded to me. Love the response time!!! My husband works near the shop and stopped in to check things out before we committed. It was VERY clean. He had additional questions and they were answered on the spot. We scheduled drop off for the install. We got pictures sent to us the whole time keeping us in the loop. I absolutely will be bringing all my vehicles here. 10/10!!! You will not be disappointed.

D. Erickson
October 19, 2023

They are TOP TIER PROS !!! Did a fabulous job on my Black AMG SL63 & will be my go-to from here on out ! Far better than any other dealer or detail shop - THEY ROCK !!!

Peter Culin
October 17, 2023

Long before I took delivery of our new Rivian R1S, I knew I wanted full-body PPF and window tint, at a minimum. I researched several shops and started communications with them on product offerings and pricing prior to taking delivery of my new ride. Full disclosure - I'm a repeat customer of AZ Auto Aesthetics. But I did my due diligence, looking at different shops and options, yet kept coming back to AZAA. It's not just the pricing that made me choose them - it's their consistent, excellent service and quality product offerings. Brenan at AZAA is fantastic. From planning to execution, he's there every step of the way. We had a vision as to what we wanted the vehicle to be, and Brenan made it a reality. STEK DYNOprism PPF, XPEL Prime XR+ window tint on all glass (including overhead panoramic glass roof), black gloss PPF "chrome delete", Miami Blue painted calipers, black gloss badging and 5 year ceramic coating on all surfaces, including wheels and calipers. Now our truck really stands out and will be protected for many years to come. I can't thank AZAA enough for the awesome service - I am one VERY HAPPY customer here!

Ren S
October 9, 2023

Amazing work

David LoPresti
October 6, 2023

The team at AZ Auto Aesthetics were top notch. I got frequent updates and photos of thew work being done and the work was done earlier than expected. I highly recommend using them for protecting your vehicle from the Arizona sun.

Daniel Carter
October 3, 2023

excellent workmanship and quality. at a very good price

Nick Graves
September 26, 2023

The team is awesome. Great communication and affordable pricing. Brought my 65 Fastback there and they made the paint look brand new.

Dominic Blake
September 24, 2023

Highly recommended for Tesla owners. They did an amazing PPF wrap for my model y. It looks amazing 👏. Will definitely be coming back here for another detailing in the future. Reasonable pricing ($2300 for front and lower edges of the car)

william fiegel
September 22, 2023

Thank you. Super service, great price and experience. Highly recommend these guys.

charles pallateri
September 18, 2023

These guys are top notch . The facility is super clean and very big , they have all high end cars in there . Very professional . Sent me pictures of every phase of the job they performed and kept me up to date on everything , every step of the way. We brought in our new Range Rover sport . It’s never looked so good . Absolutely amazing job . Will be using them again for our other vehicles . Would never go anywhere else

william ferguson
September 14, 2023

What an amazing place. Excellent work product. I will never use anyone else. Tiffany is extremely knowledgeable about all services provided.

Haley Smallwood
September 13, 2023

Amazing! Gave these guys a 15 year old Toyota with white single stage paint that was really thin. They did a 2 stage paint correction and ceramic coating and my car has never looked so gorgeous. Just like new! (almost lol). Far exceeded my expectations for my old wasted paint. Plus they were very kind and accommodating when I pestered them with aftercare questions and concerns. Highly recommend!

Bret & Joyce Dethlefsen
September 6, 2023

5-Stars all the way!!! AZ Auto Aesthetics did an amazing job on our 2024 X5 xDrive40i (G05). We did paint correction, full front PPF and window tint. The team was fast, efficient, and very responsive to all my questions/concerns. They accommodated our vehicle on very short notice and turned it around in one day. They aren't the cheapest but with the quality of work they provide, you get what you pay for and then some. Very happy customer.

Steven Callister
September 6, 2023

This was our first time getting a car wrapped and we loved working with AZ Auto Aesthetics. They were incredibly helpful and patient, answered all our questions, and kept us up to date during the process. It's not just the owner that is extremely personable but all of their staff in the front and back of the shop. We wrapped our Model X in a Miami Blue Stek/PPF and are extremely pleased with the job that AZ Auto Aesthetics did. Thank you!! :)

Don Price
September 2, 2023

Everyone was very nice and professional.. my vehicle looks wonderful and I will definitely be back..

Eric Dippel
September 2, 2023

Get service and exceptional work!

August 30, 2023

James did a fantastic job I will recommend James and Auto Azthetics to everyone I know. I have used some other companies and Auto Azthetics is the best by far. Thank You! GREAT JOB

David McWhorter
August 27, 2023

This is my third wrap, and every time I am amazed at the quality of work and the knowledge of the entire team. I highly recommend AZ Auto Aesthetics , they have always delivered quality.

Brian Wright
August 24, 2023

Az Aesthetics did full tint and front PPF on our 23’ Tesla Model Y Performance. It has definitely made a difference on appearances and keeping the interior cooler. We live in the west valley and I liked the work that they did so much, I brought them my company truck for tint. Unfortunately for us, 3 days after picking up the truck we were hit head on by an uninsured driver.

Rochelle Green
August 23, 2023

All the positive reviews are accurate! Wonderful customer service, such a breath of fresh air to be treated like customers matter. I’m so happy with the outcome of my vehicle with ceramic coating and front area protection. I would absolutely recommend Az Auto Aesthetics, I worked with Garrison and he was great. Thank you!

August 18, 2023

When it came time to add Tint & PPF (Paint Protection Film) to our brand new Tesla Model Y, we searched the usual suspects (Google & Yelp) for the best company for the job. We called AZ Auto Aesthetics (recommended by - Distinct Teslas in Chandler) and received a quote from Joren. He was friendly, professional, knowledgeable and answered all my questions. The process couldn’t have gone smoother. We dropped off our car the day before and the project began the next morning. We received updates and photos of the process in real time. They even offer a loaner car for a reasonable fee which we needed. It’s been a few months and everything is still perfect. We received a discount for multiple projects and they also offer 5% off for Veterans. The finished product is beautiful and exactly what we wanted. Thanks again to Joren and the rest of the team at AZ Auto Aesthetics for doing an amazing job. You can feel confident contacting this company and I highly recommend them for any kind of Auto detailing work. I’m sure we will be using this company for future projects. 5 stars all the way!

Nicole Johnson
August 15, 2023

Great ceramic tiny job!made the process easy

tim kelley
August 10, 2023

I would only use them. Fair pricing and above and beyond customer service. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Brenan a few times always great!!!



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