Our Vision

We get very intimate as to our understanding of the vehicle so that when they pick it up we have a full synopsis of what it has been through, what we did to make it better, and what there is still yet to achieve. This was a founding principle and is still ever present. You could say we are building a relationship with the car as much as we are the client. The more we get the chance to work on it, the better it will get each and every time.

Our current list of services is as follows: General detail & upholstery cleaning, paint correction (buffing and polishing), Ceramic paint coatings, headlight and trim restoration, Canvas top dye restoration, Paint protection film -or- clear bra application, Xpel certified installation of window tint, color vinyl wraps, wheel refinishing and powder coating, DIY detail chemical sales, and we even resell Swisstrax garage flooring. We invite everyone to stop by our facility and take a tour. We are open 7 days a week. We can’t wait to pamper your vehicle.


After putting in years within motorsports and dabbling in the collector car arena, I decided it was time to do this right. For me and my clients. I envisioned a facility that was all inclusive; from minivans to McLarens. From basic detail services to full fledged automotive restyling. What started as a decent sized investment into my garage, quickly grew into one of the largest facilities, state of the art equipped, for our industry. I don’t do things lightly – this needed, to me, to feel as though you were walking into a plastic surgeon’s office for a consultation. Immersive product displays and demonstrations are available for the client. This opens their eyes as to what “Auto Aesthetics” can be. I mean, after all, some clients are walking in the door with brand new vehicles, some over six-figures, and we show them how to make them that much better. More importantly, how to keep them looking that way.

Brenan J. And Josh G., AZ Auto Aesthetics Owners


We are most proud to be a truly full service facility. Aside from all of the services listed, if we have your vehicle long enough and we notice it needs tires, plastic trim pieces, etc., we will make the recommendation and facilitate those services to be performed as well while under our care. We have the contacts and trusted partners within our network to handle bodywork, tires and suspension, interior repair work, dent and ding repair and more.

Top-Rated Detailing Company in Mesa | AZ Auto Aesthetics

Our Suppliers

We have strategically aligned ourselves with a few key chemical brands that we know deep down to the owner’s level. This is important to us as the marketing noise some companies put out can cloud the real quality and science behind some of the most unsuspecting products out there. Detailing and restyling, by nature, comes with a hefty dose of OCD. So we question, test, review and constantly look for reasons to refresh our product offerings. Because why not? If the standard is, “It can always be better”, then you know we are not happy unless you are completely thrilled and have fallen in love with your vehicle all over again.

AZ Auto Aesthetics Works With Feynlab Ceramic Products



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