The Effects of Time and Weather on Unprotected Car Paint

When you own a car that you’re proud of, keeping the paint job looking pristine is likely one of your biggest goals. Even though paint can be a bit more resilient than we tend to give it credit for, that’s only really true in calmer environments. The fact of the matter is that the effects of time and weather can really do a number on unprotected car paint. In this post, we’ll go over what those effects are and what you can do to prevent them.

The Effects of Weather

When people think about the weather damaging their cars, they tend to think of extreme storms. However, the sun is one of the worst things for your car paint, especially down here in Arizona. The sun’s harmful rays can fade and even crack your car’s paint job if you’re not careful.

Another common weather condition that can affect your paint job is the wind. It doesn’t even need to be part of a storm, though. The wind is notorious for kicking up dust and sand, then blowing it all over everything. This can cause micro scratches in your paint, opening up your car to more severe damage.

Finally, we have salt. While Arizona isn’t too close to any oceans, the salt from them can still make it pretty far inland at times. Plus, we have the Salt River, which runs right through the Phoenix area. Between these two things, there’s a good amount of salt in the air around here. Salt can eat away at your paint job, causing corrosion and rust—the last things you want on your nice car.

The Effects of Time

So how is time involved here? If you put a vehicle in a static environment, time would have little to no effect on how a car’s paint job looked. However, when paired with the weather effects mentioned above, time can be a killer on your vehicle. Both sun and salt damage, in particular, need a lot of time to set in. If you don’t take proper precautionary measures, time will get the best of your car.

How You Can Stop Damages

Now that you have a better understanding of how weather and time affect an unprotected car, it’s time to learn what you can do about it. Start with regular car washes. This will help keep the damaging salt and dust off your vehicle.

However, that’s not a permanent fix since washing your vehicle too often can also ruin the paint. That’s why you’ll need to find a place that can apply paint protection film in Mesa and Scottsdale. Lucky for you, AZ Auto Aesthetics is just that place. We understand what the Arizona weather is capable of, and we’re here to help you ensure your car’s paint job stays in immaculate condition for as long as humanly possible.