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What Is A Ceramic Coating

Ceramic coatings form an Si02 (silica-quartz) bond over the factory clear coat, sealing the porous nature of the clear and strengthening it as a whole. Given that Ceramic forms a non-porous bond, the self-cleaning abilities mean your need to wash the vehicle will dramatically decrease. You will also not need to wax/ polish/ or seal the vehicle’s paint with any additional products during the longevity of the coating. Lastly, Ceramic coatings are an excellent barrier to environmental contaminants such as UV rays, hard water, high PH chemicals (soaps & cleaners), and acidic materials like bird droppings and tree sap.

Certified Professional Installers

Climate Controlled Facility

Expand on professionalism and ceramic sensitivity to temp/humidity etc.

Features / Benefits

  • Enhanced Gloss & depth
  • High Heat resistance
  • Chemical resistance
  • Industry leading UV resistance
  • Hydrophobic/Slick, less porous/easier to clean/less maintenance
  • Long lasting/No waxing needed
  • Hardens clear coat/Reduce wash marring
  • Self Healing*

Process & Prep

A ceramic coating is only as good as the prepwork done prior to installation. We spend the time to meticulously prep the surfaces of your vehicle to ensure optimal bonding of the coating with an initial multi phase wash process and paint decon, synthetic clay treatment and compressed air blow out. After the paint decon we move to paint correction/polishing to refine the finish and level out the surface of your vehicle’s paint. Once all correction has been completed we do an additional paint decon and extensive surface prep wipe down to ensure the paint is free of any contaminants and then move to the coating phase.

  • Wash Paint decon
  • Paint Correction
  • Paint prep/decon
  • Coat
  • Level
  • *IR Cure

Available For

  • Paint
  • Glass
  • Plastic/Trim
  • Wheels/Calipers
  • Vinyl Wraps & PPF
  • Leather/Textile/Upholstery


As a top-rated Mesa auto ceramic coatings shop, AZ Auto Aesthetics approaches each and every vehicle with a meticulous attention to detail you won’t find anywhere else. Trust our ceramic coatings and auto detailing experts to bring protection and vibrancy to your vehicle.

I highly recommend!!! Brenan and his crew were very professional, knowledgeable and walked me through everything,before and after. My Mercedes looks amazing!!! I’ll never go through another car wash ever again. Thanks guys and I look forward to getting my monthly car wash!

Stephanie Campbell ★★★★★

Brenan is the best! He responded so quickly to my message and got us in right away! After reading other reviews I have to agree 100%, his attention to detail is incredible and my car looked better than the day I bought it! We will be customers for life!

Tonja Barnhart ★★★★★

After my long commute I stopped by & Brenan was kind enough to fit the work I needed on my car in after regular hours. The work they performed turned out fabulous, I highly recommend B’s Wax. They definitely take pride in their work. Thank you

Gloria Vigil ★★★★★


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