FEYNLAB Ceramic Coating Specialists IN MESA & SCOTTSDALE


  • Tier 1 Certified FEYNLAB USA Installers
  • Paint Correction & Preperation
  • Self-Healing Coating With 5YR Warranty
  • Magnificent Gloss & Shine
  • Hydrophobic Self-cleaning Ability
  • Interior, exterior, rims, and calipers Application
  • Damaging UV Ray protection

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What Is A Ceramic Coating

FEYNLAB Ceramic coatings form an Si02 (silica-quartz) bond over the factory clear coat, sealing the porous nature of the coat and strengthening it as a whole. Given that Ceramic forms a non-porous bond, the self-cleaning abilities mean your need to wash the vehicle will dramatically decrease. You will also not need to wax/ polish/ or seal the vehicle’s paint with any additional products during the longevity of the coating. Lastly, Ceramic auto coatings are an excellent barrier to environmental contaminants such as damaging UV rays, hard water, high PH chemicals (soaps & cleaners), and acidic materials like bird droppings and tree sap.

What Is A Ceramic Coating comparison


Expert Paint Correction

  • Ensures optimal bonding of ceramic coating

  • Removes swirling, light scratches, and paint defects

  • Enhances gloss up to 200%

  • Restores factory finish

  • Removes contaminates and chemicals
  • Multi stage corrections for the most abused vehicles

A FEYNLAB ceramic coating for cars is only as good as the prep work done prior to installation. With all vehicles (new and used) we complete our multi stage paint correction process to ensure optimal bonding of the ceramic coating. This process is essential and includes an initial multi-phase hand wash, a two-step paint decontamination process, and an exfoliating synthetic clay bar treatment. Then we move to our multi-phase paint correction process which refines the finish, enhances gloss and eliminates swirling and light scratches. Once the proper preparation steps are completed, our certified installers apply correct FEYNLAB Ceramic Coating to the designated areas on your vehicle.

FEYNLAB Products & Certified Professional Installers

1. Chemical Decontamination
2. Clay Bar Exfoliation
3. Multi-Step Paint Correction
4. Machine Polish
5. Ceramic Coating Application
6. Infrared Heat Cure **

Starting At:

Coupe: $999

Midsize $1099

Truck/SUV $1299

Available For

  • Paint
  • Vinyl Wraps & PPF
  • Plastic/trim
  • Glass
  • Wheels/calipers
  • Leather/Textile/upholstery
FEYNLAB Products & Certified Professional Installers

Features / Benefits

Enhanced Gloss & Depth

Our FEYNLAB Ceramic Coatings are an excellent way to enhance gloss and reflection while also providing UV ray and contaminate protection. Find your ceramic coating solutions from AZ Auto Aesthetics when you visit our state of the art facility located in Mesa, Arizona.

Enhanced Gloss & depth
High Heat Resistance

High Heat Resistance

Keeping your car in the best condition possible in Arizona means that you not only need to protect it from hard elements like rocks and dust, but from the intense summer heat as well. Our automotive ceramic coating services provide everything you need to protect your vehicle from damaging UV rays.

Chemical Resistance

Get ultimate chemical protection for your vehicle at AZ Auto Aesthetics. A variety of chemicals and contaminants can damage your car’s exterior, so it’s essential that you find the right protective coating to fit your needs.

Chemical Resistance

Industry Leading UV Protection

FEYNLAB Ceramic Coatings provide industry leading UV resistance. The sun is an unstoppable element that can damage your factory clear coat and give it irreparable damage. Trust our certified automotive ceramic coating technicians to help keep your car looking sleek and pristine.

Ceramic Exterior & Interior Treatment

Protect & enhance all your car looks
Ceramic Exterior & Interior Treatment

AZ Auto Aesthetics strives to protect and enhance every inch of your vehicle both inside and out. With ceramic interior and exterior treatments to provide superior protection against the environmental factors on the road, everyday wear and tear can be reduced with help from our top-rated Arizona car detailing team. Our industry certified installers and Mesa ceramic coating team is five star rated on Google, Yelp, and more, making us the best option for enhanced vehicle protection.

Arizona’s Leading Car Ceramic Coating Facility

AZ Auto Aesthetics is Arizona’s industry leading car ceramic coating facility that is dedicated to ensuring that your car remains beautiful and protected against the everyday elements on the road. Our meticulous auto detailing team and brand certified ceramic coating installers provide full detailing and ceramic coatings to improve the durability and longevity of your car. Contact us today to schedule a tour of our Mesa ceramic vehicle coating facility.



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    As a top-rated Mesa auto ceramic coatings shop, AZ Auto Aesthetics approaches each and every vehicle with a meticulous attention to detail you won’t find anywhere else. Trust our ceramic coatings and auto detailing experts to bring protection and vibrancy to your vehicle.

    I was worried about spending the money at first on a ceramic coating and paint correction on a 6 year old vehicle. But AZ Auto Aesthetics did a fantastic job and now my truck shines better than the day it came off the lot. I use it a lot for work and when pulling up to a customers house, appearance is one of the things a customer looks at. Fantastic job by the whole team from start to finish and they even finished a day early. Going to have to check out their detail services now.

    Anthony Smith ★★★★★

    Brenan is the best! He responded so quickly to my message and got us in right away! After reading other reviews I have to agree 100%, his attention to detail is incredible and my car looked better than the day I bought it! We will be customers for life!

    Tonja Barnhart ★★★★★

    After my long commute I stopped by & Brenan was kind enough to fit the work I needed on my car in after regular hours. The work they performed turned out fabulous, I highly recommend B’s Wax. They definitely take pride in their work. Thank you

    Gloria Vigil ★★★★★