Protecting Your Car in the Harsh Arizona Elements: What To Know

Anyone who’s spent at least one summer in Arizona knows how hot it can get here. With temperatures regularly reaching over 100 degrees Fahrenheit, nothing is safe from the extreme heat and damaging UV rays for long. This is particularly true for your vehicle.

Arizona’s constant sunshine will degrade your clear coat, fade your vehicle’s paint, and cause interior temperatures to exceed 200 degrees without the right protection. Fortunately, we’ve lived here long enough to know exactly how to shield your car from the harsh Arizona elements.

Ceramic Coating Installation

Ceramic coatings are one of the only ways to seal your vehicle’s porous factory clear coat and protect the paint from harmful UV rays. We recommend Feynlab USA’s ceramic ultra-coating, as it provides 99 percent UV ray protection and comes with a five-year manufacturer warranty. This means you don’t need to wax, polish, or reapply the ceramic coating for five years!

Additionally, ceramic coatings enhance gloss and provide hydrophobic properties to eliminate dust build-up and those pesky hard-water spots. Ceramic coatings also provide contaminant protection from acidic bug guts, bird droppings, tree sap, and road grime.

Ceramic Window Tint Installation

By choosing a quality nano-ceramic window tint with heat-rejection capabilities, you can lower your cabin temperatures significantly. Otherwise, temperatures can reach up to 200 degrees and damage your vehicle’s complex electronics.

We recommend using XPEL XR Prime Plus Ceramic Window Tint, which offers 98 percent heat rejection and 99 percent UV ray protection. XPEL XR Prime comes with a lifetime warranty and will reduce cabin temperatures during the hot summer months.

Additionally, you want to protect yourself and your passengers from cancer-causing UV rays that will reach your skin when driving a vehicle with no ceramic window tint. With XPEL XR Prime, you can rest easy knowing that your ceramic window tint is blocking 99 percent of all UV rays.

Another huge benefit of heat-rejecting window tint is applicable if you drive an electric vehicle. The biggest way to limit your EV’s range is by running the AC on full blast all summer long. By installing ceramic window tint, you can run your AC significantly less, which extends the range of your electric vehicle and reduces wear and tear on expensive components.

Paint Protection Film Installation

One of the best ways to protect your vehicle from the harsh Arizona elements is with paint protection film. We recommend using XPEL Ultimate Plus Paint Protection Film (also known as clear bra), as it provides robust protection from rock chips, scratching, and swirling. XPEL Ultimate Plus comes with a 10-year warranty, and professional installers should always be the ones to install it.

We recommend choosing the coverage option for the paint protection film based on the resting height of your vehicle. The lower the vehicle, the further back you will want to install the film. For ultimate protection, we recommend getting paint protection film installed in a full-body coverage option and having the ceramic coating applied on top of the film. The UV ray protection from the ceramic coating can extend the life of the film far beyond the 10-year warranty period.

These two services, in combination with ceramic window tint, are the best ways to protect your vehicle and your passengers from harsh summer conditions. Most importantly, these services will protect the resale value of your vehicle and keep it looking pristine.

Leather Shield Interior Ceramic Coating Installation

One of the best ways to protect a leather interior for the long term is with a Leather Shield interior ceramic coating. This product provides UV ray protection, which prevents the leather from drying out and its color from fading.

Additionally, Leather Shield provides next-level stain resistance from the inevitable coffee spill. As car manufacturers like Tesla work to lower costs, we have seen a decrease in quality in leather products. This is why it is more important than ever to protect your interior.

Take a Look at Your Tires

Rubber tires also don’t hold up well at higher temperatures. While you won’t have to worry about them melting, tires on Arizona vehicles experience much more intense wear and tear than those in cooler states. You might not need to replace your tires annually, but you should always inspect them before the summer months arrive.

Fix Damages as Soon as Possible

Unfortunately, things won’t always go according to plan. Even if you follow all these tips, your car will likely show some deterioration after years of abuse from the sun. That’s why the last thing you should know about protecting your car from the Arizona heat is that you should fix all damages as soon as possible.

This is most apparent when it comes to vehicle paint jobs. Scratched-up paint will only get worse with time, so taking appropriate measures will help extend the life of your car. The best fix for a messed-up paint job is a paint correction. This process will help make your car look new again.

If you need a team of pros to take care of your paint correction in Mesa or Scottsdale, the AZ Auto Aesthetics is the place for you. We specialize in paint job restorations and can ensure your vehicle will look better than ever once we’re done.

Protecting Your Car in the Harsh Arizona Elements: What To Know