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Paint Protection Film (also known as clear bra) is a self-healing polyurethane film designed specifically to keep your vehicle’s surfaces safe from rock chips, gravel, oils, chemicals, bug bodies, bird droppings, swirls, and scratching. Arizona has some of the harshest driving conditions in the country and paint protection film is designed to be the outermost protection layer between the elements and your paint. Protect your investment, resale value, and vehicle aesthetics with AZ Auto Aesthetics certified paint protection film installers in the East Valley of Arizona .

Protection Levels

At AZ Auto Aesthetics, we have multiple protections levels to fit your vehicles needs and your budget. From our partial front coverage option that protects the areas of your vehicle that are most prone to damage, all the way to full body coverage to protect your entire vehicles factory paint. Our clear bra paint protection films are computer plotted and precision machine cut to ensure a seamless fit. We also offer custom paint protection film applications so you can choose which panels and areas you would like coverage including windshield, luggage guards, door handles, rocker panels, a-pillars and more.

Partial Frontal Coverage

Our most affordable coverage option that protects the areas of your vehicle most exposed to damage.


  • (Approx) Front 18-22 inches of hood
  • Front of fenders (follows hood line)
  • Painted Bumper
  • Mirror caps & lights
  • Painted trim pieces (when applicable)

Full Frontal Coverage

Our mid-tier coverage option that provides optimal coverage to the entire front of your vehicle.


  • Full hood with edges wrapped
  • Full fenders with leading edges wrapped
  • Painted bumper
  • Painted mirror caps & lights
  • Painted trim pieces (when applicable)

Full Body Coverage

Our ultimate coverage option that protects your entire vehicle:


  • Full frontal coverage (listed above)
  • A-pillars & roof line
  • Doors
  • Quarter panels & rocker panels
  • Rear trunk & rear bumper
  • Applicable diffusers, splitters & side skirts

Additional Coverage (Add-ons)

  • Luggage guards
  • Door cups
  • Door handles
  • A-pillars
  • Rocker panels
  • Interior applications
  • Rear splash guards
  • Reflectors
  • Roof line
  • Carbon fiber
  • Side skirts
  • Splitters
  • Colored paint protection film
  • Stealth paint protection film
  • Windshield protection film



Xpel paint protection film is a gloss enhancing, self healing, and nearly invisible film. At 8mil in thickness, this film is designed to endure the conditions most vehicles will encounter while still providing 10-20% higher durability than competing films. Our certified installation is backed by a 10 year manufacturer defect warranty.


Provides heavy-duty protection for off-road adventures, spirited track days, commercial vehicles and vehicles of high value. At 10mil in thickness, this film is our thickest paint protection film and provides ultimate durability and protection with extreme gloss enhancement. Our certified installation is backed by a 10 year manufacturer defect warranty.


Enjoy all the benefits of ULTIMATE PLUS 8MIL Paint Protection Film while transforming your vehicles glossy finish to a stealthy satin/matte finish. This film is also ideal for vehicles that already have a satin/flat/matte finish and will keep the finish consistent across the entire vehicle. Our certified installation is backed by a 10 year manufacturer defect warranty.


Enjoy all the benefits of Paint Protection Film while also transforming the color of your vehicle. With over 15 different color and finish options, this film will not only protect your factory paint but also allows you to change the color/finish of your entire vehicle or certain panels of your choosing. Options include carbon fiber, black, white, purple, blue, red, translucent and more. Our certified installation is backed by a 10 year manufacturer defect warranty.


Car Washes

Utilize harsh chemicals and cause extensive scratching, swirls, and general degradation of your clear coat. Drive thru car washes and incorrect handwashing practices will cause swirling, scratching, and clear coat damage immediately.

Arizona Highways

Filled with rocks, gravel, sand, dust and debris. When these type of projectiles hit your vehicle’s paint at high speeds this causes significant damage that can only be fixed with costly aftermarket repainting. Paint protection film is the only way to prevent chipping and damage before it begins.


Tree sap, bird droppings and bug bodies contain strong acids & proteins that will etch deep into your clear coat causing visible damage.

Sun Damage

Arizona’s high UV index oxidizes clear coat at a significant rate and will lead to fading and discoloration. Paint protection film when combined with a ceramic coating be the best form of UV protection.

Preserve Your Factory Finish

Paint Protection Film protects your investment, and significantly increases resale value. In Arizona, it is essential to protect your vehicle’s paint as early on as you can due to the alarming amount of rocks, dust and debris throughout our busy roadways. Paint Protection Film will also protect against Arizona’s extremely hard water and harsh chemicals used in car washes. Reach out to AZ Auto Aesthetics to learn more about our clear bra installation today.

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    I bought my first brand new car, and knew if I didn’t protect it, the paint would be ruined within a year. Garrison at AZ Auto Aesthetics walked me through the different levels of protection film that fit my budget. The installers are fantastic at what they do. My clear bra is invisible and I loved the fact that their work comes with a 10 year manufacturer warranty. Now when a rock hits my hood I don’t have any more heart palpitations knowing my paint is protected!

    Brian Katz ★★★★★

    I love to take my Jeep Wrangler off roading. What I don’t love is having to replace the windshield over and over again along with all of the paint scratching that goes along with it. Once AZ Auto Aesthetics finished my paint correction and made the paint look brand new, I chose to have them install paint protection film to the entire vehicle. I chose the thicker 10mm film for the most protection. They can also apply protection film to windshields to prevent cracking which I didn’t know was possible. The peace of mind knowing my paint and windshield is protected is priceless and the team at AZ Auto Aesthetics is the real deal! Thanks Guys!

    Jessie J. ★★★★★

    After over a decade of driving in Arizona, I finally made the decision to get paint protection film installed to the front of my new truck. Brennan and Josh gave me a tour of their shop and I was super impressed by how clean it was, and the quality of the workmanship their team has. Good work is hard to find these days and I am so glad I went with them. Quality work at reasonable prices. Would recommend to anyone.

    Pam Perez ★★★★★