XPEL Ceramic Window Tint: The Best Window Films On The Market

With so many window tilt options available, it can feel overwhelming to determine which option is best for your vehicle. Although it’s a newer innovation, ceramic window tint is quickly becoming the industry leader in window films. It’s among the best in terms of quality, the level of protection it offers, and its overall appearance.

Unlike other kinds of window tint, ceramic window tint films aren’t made with ingredients such as dyes, metal, or carbon. Instead, tiny ceramic nanoparticles that are invisible to the naked eye work together to create the film. A significant advantage of this type of construction is that you’ll have an easier time seeing through your window film that you would with other types of tints made from different materials. XPEL ceramic window tints offer many other benefits as well that make them an excellent investment for any vehicle.

XPEL Ceramic Window Tint: The Best Window Films In Mesa, AZ

Enhanced UV Protection For Car Interiors

While most vehicle windows will filter out some UV rays, they will still allow most of the sun’s harmful rays into your vehicle through your untinted windows. It’s generally agreed that prolonged UV exposure can cause serious eye and skin damage, such as cataracts and even skin cancer. When you have ceramic window tint applied to your vehicle, you can feel good knowing that you’ve not only protected your car’s interior from fading, you’ve also made the best choice for protecting yourself and your family from UV rays. A quality ceramic window tint, such as XPEL, is able to block up to 99% of harmful UV rays.

Reduced Sun Glare For Drivers

Drivers in Arizona understand better than most people how annoying and even dangerous sun glare can be while you’re driving. The bright sun over the desert roads can be incredibly intense and can lead to eye strain, leaving you at higher risk of an accident or collision. Ceramic window tint is the solution. Ceramic tint is available in a variety of shades, ranging between 5% all the way to 70%. The lower the percentage is, the darker the tint, which means you’ll be able to see better for safe driving without eye strain. Even at night, there is less glare from other vehicles’ headlights because ceramic window tint will block light while protecting your safety and maintaining the driver’s visibility.

XPEL Ceramic Tints Are Durable & Scratch Resistant

A ceramic window tint installation from a professional Mesa auto detail shop is an investment that will pay off in the long run. When you have your windshield and windows detailed with a ceramic window tint, you’re giving your car the gift of scratch resistance and durability that will last for several years. The tiny nanoparticles that are bound together to create your vehicle’s protective tint offers incredible durability that will help your vehicle stand up to criminals, rocks, and other hazards. Give your vehicle’s glass the best protection from scratches with an XPEL ceramic tint.

Keep Your Car’s Interior Cooler In The Arizona Heat

Another huge advantage of a quality ceramic window tint is that it blocks the majority of infrared light. These are the rays from the sun that we feel as heat, so blocking infrared rays will keep your car cooler even when you have to park in direct sunlight. Save energy and money by reducing how high you need to run your car’s air conditioning with a ceramic window tint. You’ll love putting less strain on your engine, saving on fuel, and spending less on your AC unit!

After your Mesa auto detail shop applies ceramic tint to your windows, probably the first thing you’ll see is how much darker they are. You’ll have the benefit of privacy from other drivers and some added deterrent against potential break-ins and criminals. In the event of a collision or unforeseen golf ball, ceramic window tint will prevent your glass from shattering, protecting you and your passengers from glass shard injuries. Ceramic window tint adds style and class to your vehicle. Keep your interior cool, protect yourself from the sun’s UV rays, and reduce your A/C use with a quality ceramic window tint!

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