The Massive Benefits Of XPEL Paint Protection Films

No matter how you use your vehicle, whether it’s for making the daily commute or a cherished classic reserved for car shows, it’s an investment that’s worth protecting. One the best and most effective ways to give your car the protection it deserves is by professionally applying a paint protection film. Also called an auto bra, a protective film is a clear, specialty layer that is wrapped around your car in order to protect the areas that are more vulnerable to scratches, dents, or erosion from road salts and the elements. A clear auto bra will keep your vehicle looking brand new for years.

When you hire a Mesa auto detail shop to get the job done right, you’ll be pleased with the many different options that are available. Professional grade XPEL paint protection films are the best in the industry. You’ll want to find an experienced shop that can recommend optimal placement of the XPEL films so your car gets the most protection, an amazing aesthetic appearance, and the best overall outcome. A clear bra is worth the investment!

Paint protection film installed on a red car by Mesa Car detailer at AZ Auto Aesthetics

Protect Your Paint From The Sun, Scratches & Road Salt

The most obvious reason to apply a clear bra to your vehicle is to give it a flexible barrier against the forces of nature that your car will come in contact with every day. Keep your car looking like new with an XPEL paint protection film that will give your car an added layer of protection against UV rays, harsh sunshine, road salt, or even bird droppings. All of these contaminants will compromise your vehicle’s paint job, leaving it stained, scratched, or worse.

Every driver knows that it’s impossible to completely avoid obstacles such as rocks and gravel while driving, not to mention bug splatter. A Mesa clear auto bra is the best solution that protects your vehicle by strengthening its exterior. A clear bra cannot prevent damage from accidents and collisions, but it does offer the benefit of protecting against minor scrapes and dents, or reducing the impact so that repairs are smoother. When your vehicle is protected with a paint protection film, you can feel confident that you are minimizing the risk of damage from sun, scratches, salt, and insects so your vehicle can keep looking its best.

Clear Auto Bras Provide a Glossy Look For Your Car

Paint protection films give your car the glossy look that most vehicle owners love. Car enthusiasts know how difficult it can be to keep your vehicle looking new and shiny. The best time to get a clear bra applied to your vehicle is right away when it’s brand new or immediately after a paint job, so that the perfect paint glow can be sealed in. However, a quality auto detail shop can work with your car’s situation to produce a beautiful, glossy finish.

Paint Protection Films Are a Must For Flat Paint Vehicles

If your vehicle has a flat paint job, a clear bra is essential for multiple reasons. First, flat finishes are so popular that there are special paint protection films designed to protect the paint and keep the matte or satin finish. Secondly, matte or flat finishes are more porous than glossy ones, which means they are more vulnerable to absorbing stains and chemicals. Since flat finishes cannot be buffed or polished, applying a clear bra to your vehicle is the ultimate solution to add durability, shine, and protection to your flat paint car to keep it secure from the elements.

XPEL Clear Bras Self-Heal Paint Scratches & Swirls

An unexpected and exciting benefit of Mesa clear auto bras is the self-healing properties they add to your vehicle. XPEL products contain specialized properties that allow the film to heal itself from small scratches and swirls when exposed to heat. Don’t waste any more time buffing and smoothing your car; spend time doing what you love – driving a flawless car that will be the envy of your neighbors and friends!

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