The Benefits of Having Your Car Handwashed

In your busy life, the convenience of automated car washes can be tempting. It’s very easy to simply drive through one every month and let it do all the work. However, automated car washes are rarely the best option for cleaning your car.

In fact, we’re here to argue that handwashing your vehicle is the best option. So let’s take a step back and delve into the numerous benefits of having your car handwashed.

Unmatched Thoroughness

Firstly, the level of thoroughness achieved with a hand car wash is unmatched by its automated counterpart. When washing your car by hand, every nook and cranny gets meticulous attention, ensuring that not a single speck of dirt escapes notice. The human eye can spot and address details that machines have no way of detecting. This results in a car that won’t just be clean—it’ll be spotless.

Gentle on Your Car’s Exterior

While automated car washes are efficient, they can be a bit too strong. To effectively clean your car, they need to use powerful jets of water and mechanical brushes. These can inadvertently cause scratches and dings to your car’s exterior. If you’ve already seen this damage on your vehicle from automated car washes, our auto detailing in Arizona will be able to restore your car to its former glory.

But we recommend handwashing to avoid this damage in the first place. Handwashing is a much more gentle process that preserves the integrity of your car’s paint job. As long as you use high-quality cleaning products designed specifically for cars, you can clean the surface and protect it against elements like UV rays and acid rain.

Personalized Care

Every car is unique and may require different cleaning techniques or products. A hand car wash allows for this customization. For example, if your car has a lot of chrome detailing, a hand car wash can ensure these areas are polished to perfection. If you have a convertible, you can take special care to clean and protect the fabric roof. This level of personalized care is simply not possible with an automated wash.

Eco-Friendly Choice

Plus, if you care about the environment, you’ll be happy to know that handwashing a car is much more eco-friendly than using automated washing methods. Handwashing uses less water and energy. On top of that, if you go to a professional handwashing service, many of them use biodegradable cleaning products that are kinder to our planet.

Cost-Effective in the Long Run

Finally, while automated systems may seem to offer a cheaper and quicker solution, you need to consider the long-term implications. The previously mentioned roughness of automated car washes can lead to the depreciation of your car’s value over time. Plus, the damages automated car washes cause will lead to more money coming out of your pocket.

That’s why handwashing a car, while seemingly more expensive up front, can actually save you money in the long run. By handwashing regularly, you’ll help maintain your car’s value and prevent needless wear and tear on your vehicle.

Now that you know these benefits of having your car handwashed, you should think twice before heading to the automated car wash down the street.