What Is Teflon Coating

In recent years, more and more drivers have been noticing that there are alternatives to waxing their cars that are much more beneficial in the long run. Obviously, ceramic coating is the most popular option, but there’s another popular method many car owners have turned to recently. This method is widely known as Teflon coating. If you’re not sure what Teflon coating is, we’re here to go over it with you today.

What Is Teflon Coating Exactly?

The first thing to know about Teflon coating is that this isn’t its official name. It’s actually known as polytetrafluoroethylene coating, or PTFE for short. Obviously, this name is a bit complicated for general consumer usage. Plus, people are already familiar with Teflon since it’s used in many pots and pans, so “Teflon coating” is the best term to use.

How Does It Work?

Similar to its function with pots and pans, Teflon coatings help protect your car from damages while providing a non-stick surface for water and dirt. Unlike ceramic coating, Teflon’s blend doesn’t bond with the paint of your vehicle, but it does form a strong barrier on top of it.

Of course, this only works if the coating is applied correctly, which is why it’s best to have the pros do it. The team here at AZ Auto Aesthetics is highly trained in performing Teflon coatings, so you won’t have to worry about yours not holding up against the elements.

What Are Its Benefits?

We’ve already briefly touched on some of the benefits of Teflon car coatings, but there are many more perks you should be aware of. First off, a Teflon coating will be very resistant to most scratches. However, since it’s not quite as strong as ceramic coatings, it likely won’t be able to protect major scrapes or dents, but it’s still a great way to keep your car looking sleek.

On top of that, it makes cleaning your vehicle a breeze. In fact, you’ll most likely never need to give the exterior of your vehicle a deep clean since all the dirt and water will roll right off. In the case you actually need to clean it, though, the Teflon will help ensure nothing remains stuck to the surface.

The best part of Teflon coatings is the fact that they’re much cheaper than ceramic ones. This is what draws most people in. Even though it’s not quite as strong as ceramic coatings, this is a trade off people are willing to accept since the price reflects that. If you want to protect the surface of your vehicle on a budget, Teflon car coatings will be the top choice for you.