Automatic Car Washes Can Do More Harm Than Good To Your Car’s Paint

While automatic car washes have gained fame throughout the years, there are still some disadvantages when it comes to using them. Sadly, an automatic car wash can potentially damage your vehicle’s finish, even if you are very careful with all the required protocols.

Automatic car washes may be hassle-free and time-saving, but they do more harm than good. Here’s a brief list of the things they can do to your car, so take note of them. Also, do not forget to contact a Mesa Auto Detail Shop if you see damage to your car’s paint.

Automatic Car Washes Can Do More Harm Than Good To Your Car's Paint In Mesa, AZ.

Automatic Car Washes Use Recycled Water

They are created to be the most water-economical option to clean your car, which is why they reuse water. Most of them have purification systems to remove contaminants, but these are not 100% efficient all the time. The result? Numerous dirt particles scratch the surface of your vehicle while it is washed.

Harsh Cleaning Detergents To Clean Your Car

Many Car Washes aim for maximizing profits, but in return, they also minimize operational costs. Therefore, it is very common that they use cheap cleaning agents, whose main ingredient is usually an acid that can damage your vehicle’s paint. This type of detergent is not completely unknown, especially in touchless car washes.

It may look like your car is shining bright due to the cleaning process, at least at the beginning, but in the end, this acid will gradually erode your car’s paint and even its protective wax.

Keep in mind that automatic and touchless car washes use rotating brushes that rub against the car to remove dirt. Over time, these brushes will leave scratches and swirls that will dull your car.

It’s recommended to take your car to Fountain Hills auto detailers as they will know how to properly guard your vehicle.

Not All the Dirt Is Properly Cleared

Automatic touchless car washes have less capability to wash the car wholly. Their lack of contact can be an issue when trying to clean trouble spots. Whenever you use automatic systems to clean your vehicle, trouble spots are not identified, and therefore, they do not receive the attention they deserve.

The more you trust automatic touchless car washes to clean your vehicle, the higher the chances of having accumulated dirt over time. That can lead to a car that will be looking dull and opaque as the days go by.

Harsh Drying Method

Many car washes use heated air to dry off the water in your car, but most of the time, that’s not enough to dry it properly. Besides, this method tends to be very harsh for your vehicle’s paint.

Using heated air to dry a car that’s not completely dry by itself can generate lingering streaks. If these streaks are not cleaned up with a spray cleaner properly, the car will need intensive polishing over time.

What To Do To Take Care Of Your Vehicle’s Paint

You can schedule an occasional appointment with a Mesa auto detail shop to add years of life to your car’s finish. Washing your car is good to take away the dirt, but detailing goes many steps further to take care of your car successfully.

The main reason for getting your car washed in the first place is to remove debris and other agents that can damage your vehicle. If you ignore them, they can cause corrosion and damage to the paint. That’s why you should still clean your car, but by using specialized products.

The truth is, you may not always have time to clean your car, and therefore you may end up using automatic car washes. Using them is not the problem per sé, but using them as the only method to keep your car clean can be an issue to your vehicle’s paint. Besides, you shouldn’t use automatic car washes way too often. This could only lead to a dull car in a few weeks.

Contact Experienced Mesa Auto Detailers

A professional hand-washing is always the best alternative. You can also try DIY car washing, but that may be a bit too risky if you do not have the proper cleaning materials or you don’t know how to protect the paint from damage while cleaning. Using dish soap, washing in sunlight, using too little water, etc, are only some of the problems you may find when trying to hand-wash your car yourself.

The best solution, in this case, is to contact professional auto detailers like AZ Auto Aesthetics.

AZ Auto Aesthetics has a professional team that will hand wash your car using only the best cleaning products, which will provide a superior, grime-free finish. Besides, we offer other important services like wheel cleaning, windows, screens and mirror cleaning, ceramic coatings, and so on.

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