Arizona’s Trusted Auto Mechanics Explain The Benefits Of An Exhaust & Muffler Upgrade

You may have heard some sports cars or trucks roaring down the road with a loud rumble trailing in their wake. That was the result of a modified exhaust system. But upgrading your exhaust system doesn’t have to mean that you turn your vehicle into a nuisance on the road – nor should it.

There are many benefits to upgrading your car with an aftermarket exhaust system. The top five reasons that most mechanics would recommend upgrading are:

The strength of the benefits depend upon the style of the exhaust system and the parts you choose, and a good mechanic can help you understand what will give your vehicle the most benefits.

Enhanced Car With An Aftermarket Exhaust System In Mesa, AZ

Custom vs. Stock vs. Aftermarket Performance Exhausts: What are the Differences?

You have a choice in what type of parts to use to upgrade your exhaust system. Stock parts are the ones created by the manufacturer for use when the vehicle is made. They provide the kind of specs you read about when you are researching the vehicle.

Aftermarket exhaust parts, on the other hand, come in a much wider variety. These parts come in different shapes, sizes, styles, and finishes, which can change the way the parts perform or look. Custom auto parts are designed specifically for your vehicle and for your needs. These are recommended when you have specific goals you are trying to meet with your upgrades and you are working with an experienced mechanic who is expert in these types of upgrades.

Boost Your Car’s Performance: Extra Horsepower

One of the most common reasons that people upgrade their exhaust systems is to get better performance. An upgraded exhaust system can improve air flow to the engine, which can enhance its power. The changes can enhance both horsepower and torque, helping the vehicle go faster and give it more leverage in different types of terrain. Or, for a truck, you can increase towing capacity.

A Simple Car Modification To Improve Fuel Economy

When your vehicle has better torque, it will also use fuel more efficiently. Therefore, upgrading your exhaust system can improve your vehicle’s fuel efficiency. Exact stats depend on the upgrades you make and what kind of fuel efficiency your vehicle had to start with, but you can expect to see an improvement of five percent or more.

Aftermarket Exhaust Systems Are Made Of Aluminized Steel & Can Resist Corrosion

Corrosion can be a slow killer for your automotive parts. Aftermarket exhaust systems are manufactured from aluminized steel to give them a longer life and to resist corrosion that can impair performance. In many cases, these parts can last a whole lifetime, which protects your investment in both the upgrades and in your vehicle.

A Good Exhaust Muffler Can Enhance The Engine’s Sound & The Car’s Aesthetics

While some people like to upgrade an exhaust system so that it produces a roaring sound that matches the vehicle’s new enhanced power, most exhaust upgrades actually have the opposite effect, making the vehicle quieter. You can get all the power you want without worrying about a noisy ride. Plus, you can choose exhaust systems with chrome tips, molded pipes, and more that can enhance your vehicle’s style and give you more opportunities for creative expression.

Want To Improve Your Car’s Performance? Contact Experienced Auto Mechanics In Arizona

When you decide to upgrade your vehicle’s exhaust system, the type of parts you choose and the mechanic you choose to perform the upgrade will have a big impact on the results you get. The professionals at Scottsdale Muffler and Automotive are experts in exhaust system upgrades, and we can help you meet your goals for your vehicle. With five star reviews across the web, Scottsdale Muffler is Tempe’s leading auto mechanic and muffler shop that offers affordable exhaust repairs, vehicle maintenance, muffler installations, and much more! Contact us today to get started on improving your car’s performance with help from our trusted AZ auto mechanics!


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